We offer a range of the finest cutlery shapes, from simple to ornate, traditional to contemporary, along with speciality items such as serving gear and steak knives. To address the full spectrum of the hospitality industry’s requirements, cutlery is available in either 18/10 or 18/0 stainless steel. 18/10 has a higher content of chromium and nickel and therefore provides greater protection against corrosion, scratching and assists with longer lasting brilliance and shine.

Order codes:

PN22000002 A ROMA – TABLE FORK (12)
PN22000003 B ROMA – TABLE KNIFE (12)
PN22000004 C ROMA – DESSERT SPOON (12)
PN22000005 ROMA – DESSERT FORK (12)
PN22000006 ROMA – DESSERT KNIFE (12)
PN22000007 ROMA – TEASPOON (12)
PN22000008 ROMA – MOKA SPOON (12)
PN08300039 ROMA – SOUP SPOON (12)
PN22000017 ROMA – CAKE FORK (12)
PN08300067 ROMA – STEAK KNIFE (12)
PN22000028 ROMA – FISH FORK (12)
PN22000029 ROMA – FISH KNIFE (12)


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