Within the hospitality/foodservice sector, the choice of tableware must meet the highest standards for presentation, practicality and performance. Over 200 years of innovation, passion and expertise make Churchill the natural partner for providing tabletop solutions. The Churchill brand (UK manufactured) has achieved global recognition and is a reputable supplier of the highest quality ceramics. Respected for service excellence, product quality, environmental responsibilities and product innovation.

Order codes:

CC-BCPE-PL2.1 A PEBBLE DIPPER POT 5.5 x 5.8cm (12)
CC-BCPE-PL4.1 B PEBBLE DIPPER POT 6.7 x 6.9cm (12)
CC-BCPE-PL12.1 C PEBBLE CHIP POT 9 x 9.7cm (12)
CC-BCPE-PL5.1 D PEBBLE DIP DISH 3.5 x 9.7cm (12)


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