• The adjustable dividers allow the dolly to hold a wide range of plate and platter sizes eliminating the need for individually sized dollies
  • 254mm wheels on one end makes moving a loaded cart easy
  • Polyethylene dividers and walls help prevent dish edge chipping
  • Two-handed access to all plates reduces breakage
  • Vinyl Cover included for sanitary storage of dishes

Order codes:

ODS0004 A OPTIMISER DISH DOLLY (SMALL) – 4 DIVISION – BLACK – 749 x 1016 x 749mm – 29.4kg
ODD0004 B OPTIMIZER DISH DOLLY – 4 DIVISION (BLACK) – 711 x 1092 x 805mm – 42.1kg
ODD0006 C OPTIMIZER DISH DOLLY – 6 DIVISION (BLACK) – 711 x 1092 x 805mm – 43.6kg


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