Innovative styles and technology are the secrets to the success of Bormioli Rocco. The Bomioli Rocco solutions are available in a wide array of styles: from casual to sophisticated, from vintage to contemporary, to satisfy every need with the right proposal.

Order codes:

BR3.40750 A YPSILON – DESSERT BOWL 37.5cl (12) H90mm W130mm
BR3.02262 B DIAMOND – DESSERT BOWL 36cl (6) H99mm W115mm
BR3.02200 C DIAMOND – MINI DESSERT BOWL 22.5cl (12) H60mm W110mm
BR2.35683 D ARIA – ALFA DESSERT 25cl (12) H70mm W133mm
BR2.35682 E ARIA – BETA DESSERT 25cl (12) H62mm W112mm
BR1.33990 F GELATO – BOWL 28cl (6) H166mm W100mm
BR1.91410 G FORTUNA – DESSERT BOWL 30cl (6) H180mm W125mm
BR1.34630 H JERBA – DESSERT BOWL 34.5cl (6) H140mm W110mm
BR1.34510 I PRIMAVERA – DESSERT BOWL 24cl (6) H137mm W135mm
BR3.40310 J ROCKBAR – DESSERT / MILKSHAKE (6) H182mm W85mm


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